When a redhead gets it into her head to see an eclipse…

Greetings, gentle readers, to my first post on the subject – WHY the hell we’re doing this!

Those who know me know I like my rocks, and I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. About 3 years back, I was browsing the timeline of total eclipses (for story-writing ideas) when I discovered that the 2015 Total Solar Eclipse was going to be visible from there. Shortly afterwards, my husband’s grandmother died, and in her will she left us some money.

And that was that!

I looked up eclipse tours (I actually thought this trip might be a cruise, but as the Faroes are under the totality path, it’s a land-based trip), sold my son’s kidneys on Ebay, and made the deposit.

Then I realised that afterwards, we could do a little travelling, so we’ve planned a drive from south to north through the UK, followed by a cross-country trek from Boston to Los Angeles in the US.

Finally, we got word that Geoffrey had been asked to attend a conference on statistics in Belgium just before the eclipse. Alas, work won’t pay our airfares over (government rules about work travel), but it still pays for our accommodation in Brussels, and then for Geoffrey’s flight to Iceland. 8-3-2015 1

And that is why I’m currently sitting in a hotel room overlooking a lovely old city, and madly uploading photos so that I can tell you all about it!

On a side note, we’re finishing our trip in Los Angeles, via the home of the lovely Karen (aka Skwerlbuddy), so we’ve got the company of Buzzy the Not-A-Squirrel for the trip. That’s why so many of the pics will contain a squirrel.

You have been warned.


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